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What are customized tags used for?

With the many types of custom tags available, there are many ways these customizable tags can be used. Below are some of the most common uses of custom tags.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking is a great way to keep track of personal property or inventory. Asset tags can be placed on virtually any piece of property, with an individual barcode that can be scanned by a barcode scanners and smartphones alike. Stolen replika rolex klockor property can be tracked and returned using this method, and tough-to-remove aluminum tags have been used to identify stolen bicycles and return them to their rightful owners. Asset tracking is an extremely cost-effective method of keeping inventory and property accounted for and safe.


Different workplaces have very different conditions that require personalized safety indicators. Custom tags placed in hazardous locations are sometimes the most affordable and practical solutions to issues of danger designation suitable for a particular scenario. Custom warning tags can vary in size and material, but are typically brightly colored (usually a fluorescent yellow or orange) and can range from simple cardstock which can be written on with a standard ballpoint pen to engineer-grade aluminum that is only machine-customizable. 

Noting inventory

Custom tags are very often used to keep track of inventory. Inventory tags are almost always made of cardstock, allowing the user to write on them directly. These tags can also range in size depending on the object, ranging from a tiny tag tied to a small piece of jewelry to a large tag keeping track of a piece of furniture. Inventory tags are extremely common, used from retail stores to warehouses, keeping organization quick and easy.

Along with these particular usages, there are hundreds of different kinds of ways to use custom tags. These small indicators can be used to designate shipping, indicate lockouts, replica rolex note defective equipment and fire extinguishers, denote different pieces of police evidence, sales price, valve locations, and even bodies in the case of mortuaries. These tags, while not often thought about, play a major role in the everyday operations of countless businesses throughout the world.

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Jobs aren’t all created equal.
Your tags shouldn’t be, either. Whether you’re labeling pipes, scaffolding equipment or fire extinguishers, moving house, or you just want to put a personal touch on your nametags, custom tags make handy solutions.
Materials count.
Looking for a simple cardstockproperty tag that’ll stand up to any weather? A plated nametag that’ll keep its shine no matter what? A plastic asset tag with the flexibility to include QR codes, barcodes or any numbering system you like? They’re all easy to design.
Make your mark on your tags.
Whether it’s as simple as putting your company’s name on an inventory tag or as complex as putting your logo along with custom text and a chart on an inspection tag, your options are limitless. Make your tags include what you want.
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