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Elements that can be customized in a tag

One of the most common customizable parts of a tag is a bar code. The bar code has become an extremely familiar way to track merchandise, using interesting technology to keep track of any object from books to fresh food.

According to, barcode scanners detect the white space between the thin black lines. A photosensor in the scanner picks up the white areas bouncing back from in between the darker colors by means of a laser beam across the series of black bars. The traditional barcode, commonly referred to as the 1D barcode, can store a great deal of information, but there quickly arose a need for more information to be stored using the same, easily-applied techniques. This led to the development of the 2D barcode (otherwise known as a matrix code) which is arranged in such a way that all of the data is not presented by a small series of bars, Hublot Replica Watches but rather placed anywhere within a square-like shape. This allows for information to be stores in both horizontal and vertical directions, making for a far greater quantity of stored information in a confined space.

The 2D barcode was created by Denso Wave in 1994 in order to track different parts of automobiles during the manufacturing process. This 2D code, otherwise known as the Quick Response (QR) code, can be used by anyone – they can be scanned by smartphones, an innovation whose origins began in Japan in the decade before the new millennium.

Custom Name Tag
An example of a 1D barcode. This is the most standard type of barcode, used in supermarkets and retail stores throughout the globe. These tags store a decent amount of information about different types of products, but are less technologically advanced than their modern counterparts, the 2D, or QR, barcode.
Property Tags
A device with a small 2D barcode. As previously detailed, the arrangement of the black and white fragments is both horizontal and vertical and is assembled in the confines of a small square. These can be scanned by smart phones and bar code scanners alike, and can contain over 7,000 words of information about a product or device.


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Jobs aren’t all created equal.
Your tags shouldn’t be, either. Whether you’re labeling pipes, scaffolding equipment or fire extinguishers, moving house, or you just want to put a personal touch on your nametags, custom tags make handy solutions.
Materials count.
Looking for a simple cardstockproperty tag that’ll stand up to any weather? A plated nametag that’ll keep its shine no matter what? A plastic asset tag with the flexibility to include QR codes, barcodes or any numbering system you like? They’re all easy to design.
Make your mark on your tags.
Whether it’s as simple as putting your company’s name on an inventory tag or as complex as putting your logo along with custom text and a chart on an inspection tag, your options are limitless. Make your tags include what you want.
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